How far will you go for love?

Little dove, How far will you go for love? Isnt your heart shattered enough? Aren't your wings battered enough? You have soared the skies Looking for love You have listened to lies Haven't you, little dove? You have skimmed the lakes Wondering what it takes. You are on a love quest, Retreat, its for your … Continue reading How far will you go for love?


Friends for days

So it's been nearly two weeks since I became part of the blogging universe. It was a surprise when i received this tag. It felt so amazing to be welcomed to the blogging universe in such a short time. I would like to thank Life, family, good food. for tagging me. Her blog is truly … Continue reading Friends for days


The sky looks like its on fire, The culprit is the fading sun. On its verge to retire, So that the moon will get its turn. The sun looks like a warrior, Having made sky its battleground. Red, the sky looks bloodier, the sun seems sky bound. Are you apollo, the sun god? Dragging your … Continue reading Sunset