Hello! Fellow bloggers and anyone else who has taken time to read the “About Me” section where I am going to ramble about myself. Just Kidding. There are a lot of things I could probably tell you about myself. But there are few things that literally define me. I am an avid reader. I have loved writing since ages but I have never shared any of my writings on social media or any other platforms. Maybe I cared too much about whether people would like it. So this is me, trying to share what i feel or anything that comes to my mind and gives itself words through blogs! Because I think its time I pursue my passion. And what better way than blogging?
Also I am a law student, but contrary to the belief I don’t see the world in black and white. There is abundance of grey in the world. And off course the colors! Lets not forget them.
I love coffee. Seriously, its liquid optimism.
My family just got a pet dog who is seriously the most adorable thing on this planet earth. His name is Casper.( I am probably going to be writing a lot about him because I just can’t get over his cuteness).
One thing I hate the most is people being judgmental. I think the earth is largely occupied by people with extreme ideals and ideas and anyone who doesn’t fit in is judged because they don’t fit their standard of “right”. This is something i feel strongly about.
Last but not the least, I can’t really write a “About me” section without mentioning my fandoms. So here goes: 1) HARRY POTTER.(please notice the caps lock)(Books+movies)
2) Game of thrones.
3)Hunger games(Books+Movies)
4)Iron man, Captain America, Thor
5) Batman Trilogy
7)The mortal instruments series.
8)Immortals of Meluha. etc.
I could go on and on but the list would be long. So anyone who reads this, write me a comment or send me link to your blog, I would love to read you! Happy reading!


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