Imperfection is beauty.

You want her to be a rose,

but you cant tolerate a single thorn.

Perfection is expected from her,

since the day she was born.

You want her to have stars in her,

but without the darkness and night

She is an ” almost angel”,

with some red haze in her light.

You want her to warm you with fire,

but you are afraid of the burn.

She accepted you with warmth,

now its finally your turn.

There is beauty in her imperfection,

radiance in her scars.

She is a fiery rose,

who twinkles like the stars.




10 thoughts on “Imperfection is beauty.

  1. updownflight says:

    I’m so glad you wrote about imperfection in such a positive way. If only we all freed ourselves from expecting it from ourselves and others, we would be happier. I know that if people expected it of me, I’d never be truly loved.

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