Bollywood’s guide to finding love.

According to Bollywood there are 4 foolproof ways of finding the love of your life. They will definitely work(Laced and dripping with sarcasm):

  1. Start wearing glasses, if you are a girl. A guy will come along who calls you chashmish, he will be the love of your life. Because wearing lenses is so boring.
  2. Go on a journey, trust the next guy you meet. Within a span of a few days fall in love with him.  Because its so easy to start caring for someone. And if he doesn’t manage to break your engagement with the guy your father wants you to marry ,you will surely meet after years at a mutual friends wedding and realize after all this time you are in love with each other. Because there is just no way you could have met any one else in all these years. 
  3. If you aren’t already in love with your best friend. Its time you realize that. Because “ek ladka aur ek ladki kabhi dost to ho hi nahi sakte”(A boy and a girl cannot stay friends).
  4. Always remember opposites attract. Don’t go searching for similar liking’s and hobbies. That just wont work. 

So on the scale of 1 to Chadler Bing, how sarcastic was i?

And if you know any such guidelines of Bollywood about love, do share and help out the single people.


20 thoughts on “Bollywood’s guide to finding love.

  1. Benjamin Ngiam says:

    Can you BE any more sarcastic? 😛

    I like Bollywood stuff too so coupling that with FRIENDS is just a treat for me hehe. Nice post too. It does make one wonder whether Men and women can just be friends, no?

    We know about Bollywood’s idea on that lol but what about you? What is your opinion on that matter?

    Your pal,

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  2. superwifeandmummy says:

    You should do a post called, “Why a Song is Always Appropriate in Bollywood!” To be fair, that goes for any musical and by the way, I have always been IN LOVE with musicals ❤🎤🎵🎶🎼

    Liked by 1 person

    • thoughtsofacuriousgirl says:

      Yes i have. I live in India so i have grown up watching bollywood movies. You will find many hidden gems which are not much appreciated, like the recent one of ranbir kapoor-“jagga jasoos”. I found it unique and refreshing but it wasnt that well received at the box office. I guess every film industry has some cliche plots. I am just a hater of “cliches” in general. You should also try watching “Taare zameen par”. Its a truly exceptional movie. One of its kind. And if you really like bollywood movies i could make you a list of some amazing ones that you could watch!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Annie Xia says:

        Wow, thank you for the recommendations!! They are going on my to be watched list. Haha, I’m actually okay with some cliches as long as it’s done well. But I can do without all the love triangles.
        Yes, I would love you too!

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