There are chains that hold me, not a single one you can see. They are invisible to your eyes, and so are my pitiful tries. One chain around my neck, my voice has been silenced  I barely breath as I choke, inner strength I invoke. One chain around my hands, delicate, you call them. You … Continue reading Chains.


Imperfection is beauty.

You want her to be a rose, but you cant tolerate a single thorn. Perfection is expected from her, since the day she was born. You want her to have stars in her, but without the darkness and night She is an " almost angel", with some red haze in her light. You want her … Continue reading Imperfection is beauty.


  There is a place deep inside my mind where i bury all my secrets, it contains some memories  And stores all my regrets. It is like a room full of compartments, keys tossed in the abyss of my thoughts, cobwebs in the secrets department, it stays untouched and rots. The memory lane, I dread … Continue reading Bury.